Incilya Parlak, born in 1981, Istanbul comes from a textile business family. Driven by her deep interest in fabrics, design and fashion, she conceptualised and started ‘Table and Sofa’ brand.

Inspired from Bohem style and Moroccan culture, “Morroco” is the first collection launched under her brand.

Table and Sofa, understands natural touches and combines them with modern and bohem style to change your living space into a more attractive, stylish and inspirational one.

At Table and Sofa, we aim to transform your living space into a unique & unconventional living area with the help of small decorative pieces and touches.

Our summer collection, %100 handmade with natural cotton accessories,tapes,linen textured fabrics are the key attractions of our brand.

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Aşırefendi Caddesi No:17  Sultanhamam– İstanbul